Banglarbhumi – – Banglabhumi 2021

Banglarbhumi 2021
Banglarbhumi 2021

In West Bengal, the land and property-related documents can be accessed online via Banglarbhumi 2021 on which is also known as Banglabhumi. The portal provides a host of services under the State Government’s Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department such as Plot maps and related information, Conversion application, Record of Rights application, ISU management, Thika Tenancy, Mutation application and related information, Citizen-centric services, Land distribution, and India-Bangladesh border demarcation. This has to be beneficial for the common man of the state. As they can easily get details for their respective land.

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    Banglarbhumi – – Banglabhumi 2021

    Before this Land record portal, the public needs to visit the government office for getting details. And that procedure was very difficult. as well as time-consuming. So, today we writing this post. For providing information related to West Bengal Land Record Plot Map web portal. Through which you can easily get related knowledge about the area of your land. With you, we also share details about the procedure, its benefits, how you can check land records.

    Recently, The Ministry of Land has reformed and it has also provided a website. Through which all the citizens of West Bengal State, Who has their own land, house, plot, etc. Can check it through an online medium. Also, they can check the document of mutation for land. And they can take print of the related document available online if required. The land records process in West Bengal is described below. You can conveniently access land records online by following this guide.

    Overview of WB Banglarbhumi Portal

    Article CategorySearch Land Record Khatian
    Launched byGovernment of West Bengal
    BeneficiariesWest Bengal’s People
    Site NameBanglarbhumi
    BenefitMake easy, convenient, time-saving, and also save money to record Land online
    Main Objectiveto make land record easy, so that people of WB can access from their home
    Banglarbhumi – – Banglabhumi 2021

    Banglarbhumi Khatiyan Plot Information

    As per digital Bharat Abhiyan by Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji make India a digital nation, like other countries. This will be good for the progress of our country people. Every state is now working on this new internet era. And for this, they are trying to make every facility scheme procedure online with the help of web portals. Like other states, West Bengal State Government has made various government work available details online. WB Land Records online

    Benefits of Banglarbhumi

    • From the portal of Banglarbhumi, you can recover the detailed information of Khatian and Plot.
    • It generates the full transparency of all the properties in the State.
    • Through this site, it becomes easy to sell and buy a property.
    • It is very easy, convenient anyone can use it very easily.
    • From this site, you can save a lot of time, as well as traveling money.
    • The residences of West Bengal, now don’t need to visit any government department to register their property or for the documents.
    • The people of West Bengal, now it is easy to obtain any information concerning the land and the property.

    Banglarbhumi Portal services list

    • Digitization of Land records & Maps
    • Deed Registration Online.
    • Citizen Centric Services
    • Apply Online Mutation
    • Preparation, Updating & Maintenance of records.
    • Management of ISU
    • Certified Copy of Land records.
    • Distribution of Land
    • WB Record of Land (ROR) Application
    • Thika Tenancy
    • Mutation Notice 30 Days
    • Training (LMTC & ARTI)
    • Mauja Map Request/ Availability
    • Rent Controller
    • Khatian Status Online
    • State Land Use Board
    • Indo Bangladesh Boundary Demarcation

    Registration Process at Banglarbhumi Portal

    You must have to follow the below mention steps to register yourself in the official portal of the Banglarbhumi

    • Firstly, you have to visit the official site of the Banglarbhumi
    • Then homepage of the site will open, where you need to click on Sign- Up.
    • After clicking on the Sign-up option, the registration form will be open on your respective screen.
    • Then you need to fill all the required details which are as follows:
    Name of the ownerOwner’s father name
    Mother’s nameFill Permanent Residence along with the details of Municipality and district
    Contact NumberEmail. ID, etc.
    Banglarbhumi – – Banglabhumi 2021
    • Then enter the captcha and password in the given space.
    • After entering that, verification has been sent to your mobile, enter that OTP and click on the Submit button.

    If you are coming first time on the portal. As a new user. So for getting details you need to sign up first. Then only you can check all the details. Or service you required from this portal. Register your valid mobile number. Because it has been used as verification and. Also, the department sent you details related to your request on it. login – Citizens

    Banglarbhumi - - Banglabhumi 2021
    Banglarbhumi – – Banglabhumi 2021
    • First, you need to go through the official link of the portal.
    • On homepage, go to Citizen Services option/Sign-in Click on that
    • Then by clicking on “Citizen Services”, the next page will open, there you need to select the “Citizen Services” option.
    • Now you need to enter your Credential ID and password, which is generated by following the above mention registration steps.
    • Then enter the given Captcha and tap the Login button.
    • After clicking the portal for Citizen Services will be opened.

    As a citizen, you already register yourself on the web portal. Now you can get related information about land/ plots and other.

    Citizen Users – Login – Banglarbhumi portal

    If you are a citizen user, then you can follow these steps:

    • The citizen users, firstly login in the official portal, which directs you to its’ Homepage.
    • Then you have to click on the “Citizen Services” option.
    • Then enter your registered credential Id and password.
    • Enter the Captcha in the given space and click on the Login option.
    • It will direct you to the Citizen Login portal.

    Apply for Banglarbhumi Land ROR Application Online

    • Visit the official site of the e-district portal of West Bengal.
    • Then select the “Citizen Registration“ option from the homepage.
    • Then enter all the required details into the given space, the following details you need to fill in: Name, Email-address, and contact number, and then click on the next page.
    • The OTP has been sent to your registered mobile number or email address, enter it for the verification of your number and email address.
    • An activation mail will also come, Click on the activation to complete your registration process.
    • Then, Open the Login Page and enter your Login Id and password.
    • When you log in, then one page will open, where you need to fill the information and also upload all the required documents.
    • Recheck all the entered details carefully and click on Submit.
    • Then take an acknowledgment slip which consists of an application number.
    • Then finally you will get the certificate from the concerned authority.

    Applicants can have other details also. By simply following the given step on the Banglarbhumi website. And with application reference id, applicant can check the status of the application he registered for.

    Official portalClick here
    GOVTSAKARIClick here – Banglabhumi 2021

    Payment for Banglarbhumi Services

    For the payment also you have to go through the official site WB Banglarbhumi and click on the Online Application, Citizen Services, Delivery Services, etc., after choosing the services, you need to fill its application form and after on the next page there is an option Fee payment.

    After clicking the form will display on your screen and choose one of the following options:(a) Conversion,(b) Mutation, (c) Certified Copy, (d) Plot Information, (e) Plot Map to make a payment. On the next tab, you need to enter the Application Number for further processing. Enter the Captcha and click on the Next. Then after choosing the payment option [Net Banking, credit card, Debit card, etc], then after verification and successful transaction, a confirmation message will appear on your screen.

    Know Your Property –

    Banglarbhumi - - Banglabhumi 2021 – Banglabhumi 2021
    1. Visit West Bengal e-District (Banglarbhumi) website –, click on “Know Your Property” option.
    2. On the redirected page, select the appropriate District, block, and Mouza.
    3. First, two options are given to search for land records. Choose among Plot and Khatian. Enter CAPTCHA and click on “View”.
    4. On your screen, the records will be displayed.

    Track the application status of the ROR application form in Banglarbhumi portal

    To track the application status of the ROR certificate, the following steps are as follows:

    • For tracking as well you need to visit the official site of the E-district.
    • Select the “Inspection Report” option from the home page.
    • Enter the “Application Identification Number” in the given space and click on the document search.
    • The application status will open on your screen.

    Search Plot Information through query number – Banglarbhumi portal

    • Go to the official site of Banglarbhumi.
    • Then click on the “Query Search” option.
    • Then Enter all the required details: Query Number, Query Year, and Captcha
    • After entering all the details, recheck it and click on the submit button
    • All the details regarding your query will be displayed on the screen.
    How to fill the Mutation Plot Khatian FormVisit the Banglarbhumi site.
    Click on the Online Application and select the Mutation Application option.
    Fill in all details like- Particulars of the Applicant, Particulars of Transfer, List of Enclosures
    Then upload all the documents and submit the application form.
    Then the reference number will Flash on the screen.
    How to check the Mutation Plot Khatian StatusVisit the Banglarbhumi site.
    Select the “Citizen Services” option and click on Mutation Status.
    There are two types of Mutation Status searches are available i.e. Case wise search, Deed wise search, chose one of them as per your need.
    Fill in all the details: District Name, Block, Mouza
    And Tap to search.
    How to fill the request of Mouza MapVisit the Banglarbhumi site.
    Select the “Citizen Services” option and click on Service Delivery
    Choose one of the following options from the drop-down box:
    ROR Request
    Plot Info. Request
    Plot Map Request
    Mouza Map Request
    Request GRN Search

    Choose Mouza Map-Request and enter all the required details: District, Block, Mouza, Map Type, Sheet No.
    Then view the details – Banglabhumi 2021

    Process To Check RS And LR Map Information

    • Visit the official site of the Banglarbhumi.
    • Select “Citizen Services” from the page.
    • Then select option  RS/LR.
    • Fill the below-given option, by choosing it from the scroll down box:
    District NameBlockMouza
    • Then chose one of the following options: RS or LR.
    • Then enter all the details which are required to fill like the Plot number, and then click on search.

    Banglarbhumi 2021: How to Fill Land Conversion Application

    Follow the simple steps given below to complete the land conversion application: –

    1. Visit Banglarbhumi portal, Tap on the “Online Application” tab.
    2. Choose the “Conversion Application” tab and fill in all the essential details such as District name, Block, police station, mouza details, Jurisdiction List No., Khatian No. (R.S & L.R), Plot No. (R.S & L.R), Area of the Plot (R.S & L.R), and  Existing classification of the Plot
    3.Verify all the details and submit the information by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.
    4. An application reference number will be provided to you on successful submission for future reference.
    Below is the list of enclosures for the land conversion application
    5. Mutation certificate
    6. Current record-of-rights
    7. Rent receipt
    8. Sketch map that shows the principle property and its surroundings, including that of the road entrance
    9. Affidavit for creation of compensatory water body
    10. Copy of West Bengal Pollution Control Board no certificate of objection
    11. Detailed Project Report (DPR) thoroughly examined by the relevant authority

    Apply for a Mutation Online –

    When a property is transferred, the mutation is the process of changing the title/ownership of the property from one person to another. However, the mutation process can only begin once a property has been registered.

    On the banglarbhumi web portal, you may find the mutation form. Here,

    1. Visit the Land and Land Reforms Department and the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department’s official websites to register property in West Bengal.
    2. Under the online application item on the menu bar, click the “Mutation Application” link.
    3. The application will require the following information to be entered.
    a. Applicants details
    b. Transferer details
    c. Essential documents
    4. ‘Upload all required documents, such as a registered deed, legal heir, chain deeds, and so on.
    5. After completing the registration process, go to the Online Application menu and select the Fees Payment option. Then, for payment alternatives, fill in the Request Type, Application Number, and click ‘Next.’
    6. If the fees are paid via ‘online mode’ (GRIPS Netbanking and Debit Card), the Mutation Case number will be generated instantly.
    7. Click Submit after successfully paying the mutation charges. The mutation request will be sent to the appropriate authority over the internet.
    8. The applicant will be given an acknowledgment slip, on which they should write down the mutation registration number for future reference.

    Download Banglarbhumi App

    To get the Banglarbhumi App, go to Google Play Store on your phone and search for it.

    1. Now type Banglarbhumi into the search box, press the search button.
    2. A list will appear in front of you. You must select the uppermost option
    3. You must now click on the install button. Your mobile phone will be downloaded with the Banglarbhumi app.

    Submit Your Feedback at Banglarbhumi Website

    1. To begin, go to Banglarbhumi’s official website. In front of you will emerge the home page.
    2. Click the legal tab on the homepage. Now you must select the Feedback option.
    3. After that, you’ll see a feedback form appear in front of you. In this form, you must fill in all needed information, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, features, suggestion, reason, comment, and captcha code.
    4. After you’ve filled out all of the information, click the Submit button. You can provide feedback by following this approach.

    Download Various Forms 

    Go to Banglarbhumi’s official website and select Downloads. A new web page will open in front of you, with the following list of forms-

    1. Form 1(D) Application For Post-Facto Conversion
    2. Affidavit For Conversion (Bengali/English)
    3. Application For Mouza Map (Bengali/English)
    4. Declaration For Mutation
    5. Mutation Application Form
    6. Lease Of Tea Garden In Retained Land
    7. Objection under Sub-Section (I) of Section 51A of W. B. L. R. Act, 1955
    8. Application of DL and LRO to get LA compensation for government land

    You must select your preferred form by clicking on it. The PDF file will then display in front of you. You can print the PDF file after downloading it.

    Public Grievance Application

    1. Visit the Banglarbhumi or West Bengal Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department’s official website.

    Banglarbhumi - - Banglabhumi 2021

    2. On the right-hand side of the website, at the top, click the “Public Grievance” button and Select “Grievance Application” from the drop-down menu.
    3. You will be routed to a page where you must fill in the essential fields. Enter the captcha and click “Submit.”


    Grievance Application Status

    1. Go to the Banglarbhumi or West Bengal Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department’s official website.
    2. On the right-hand side of the website, near the top, click “Public Grievance.”
    3. Select “Grievance Status/Description” from the drop-down menu.
    4. To view your grievance status, enter your UPN and captcha and click the “Show” option.

    Banglarbhumi – – Banglabhumi 2021

    5. So, if you’re looking to buy a home in West Bengal, don’t forget to ask the seller to show you the property’s land records. To address anything pertaining to West Bengal land records, follow the procedures outlined above.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I check my land record in West Bengal ?

    Click on the SIGN UP button on the official website. On the screen, you’ll see the Public Registration Form. Name, Guardian Name, Address, Email ID and OTP, Mobile Number and OTP, and Password are all necessary fields. To finish your registration, enter the Captcha Code and click the Submit button.

    How to download ROR from Banglarbhumi?

    1. Sign in at the West Bengal e-District (Banglarbhumi) website and select Citizen Services Fill in all of the necessary details, and click the Save button.
    2. An OTP will be sent to your registered phone number, and a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Activate your registration.
    3. Fill in the details and upload all of the required papers. Select Submit.
    4. An acknowledgment slip with the application number will be printed. RoR certificate will be issued.

    How to register in Banglarbhumi ?

    1. Visit Banglarbhumi’s official webpage at
    2. Click Sign Up on the homepage.
    3. Complete the Public Registration Form with accurate information.
    4. ‘Submit’ should be selected.

    How can I check ownership of property in West Bengal?

    On the official website, click the SIGN UP option. The Public Registration Form will appear on the screen. All required fields are Name, Guardian Name, Address, Email ID and OTP, Mobile Number and OTP, and Password. Enter the Captcha Code and click the ‘Submit’ button to complete your registration.

    How can I do mutation online in West Bengal?

    On the official website click on Mutation Application. Fill in the application form which includes applicants details and Trasnfere details. Upload all the essential documents and pay your mutation fees. Click here to find the complete process details.

    What is the procedure to track ROR application status?

    For this you need to follow the instruction first, visit the E-district site> Choose “Inspection Report”> Write “Application Identification No.”> Tap to search> and status will be available to you.

    How to check Land Classification on the Banglarbhumi?

    For such information you need to go through the official site and pick the citizen Services and log in to the portal, then choose the Land classification option, and fill all the forms by entering the details, and click to the search, for further more information you can go through the above article.

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