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Dharani portal is launched by Government of Telangana. It is an online services for pakka land records for knowing our land status, and to compliant our land particulars. Dharani is a Digital Platform for Maintenance of Revenue records, Instant Mutation in revenue records and Registration of Agricultural Land Transactions. Registrations of agricultural lands has been taken closer to the doorstep of the people. Earlier, registration was done only in 141 Sub Registrar offices across the State. Now, besides 141 Sub Registrar offices, registrations are being done in 574 Tehsildar offices. ‘Dharani’ web portal launched by Hon’ble Chief Mininster at Muduchintalapalli, Medchal -Malkajgiri District.

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    Dharani Portal
    Dharani Portal

    What made Dharani possible

    • IT Advantage Telangana is uniquely positioned to implement this near real-time management of land records.
    • Clear Ownership (LRUP) Land records purications through LRUP was done during 2017 for establishing clear ownership in about 93% of land
    • Pattadar Passbooks Issued About 60 Lakh PPBs issued, during early 2018 covering about 1.4 Crore acres of agricultural land
    • Accuracy Correctness of agricultural land records.
    • PPBs are seeded with Aadhaar and biometric authentication of the PPB owners.

    Salient features of Dharani portal

    • Transparency
    • Minimum physical interaction
    • Citizen Convenience (100% online slot)
    • Tamper Proof
    • No Discretion
    • Latest IT Technologies
    • Instantaneous Registration & Mutation

    Functional features of Dharani portal

    • Advance slot booking.
    • Market value particulars for each survey number.
    • Autolock of prohibited lands.
    • Bio-metric authentication.
    • Registration accompanied with mutation.
    • Instant delivery of ePPB.
    • Pattadar passbook delivered by post.
    • Auto calculation of stamp duty and registration fees
    • Online payment.

    Modules of Dharani portal

    • Slot booking for Sale, Gift, Mortgage, Partition, Lease & Succession.
    • Registration of GPAs namely Development agreement cum GPA (DGPA), General power of attorney (GPA), Agreement of sale cum GPA (AGPA).
    • Partition – Application for partition of agricultural land.
    • Succession – Application for succession of agricultural land in case of death of the Pattadhar.
    • Pending mutations by Individuals/Institutions for Registrations done prior to Dharani but mutation not done cases.
    • NALA conversion with advance online payment for conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural purposes.
    • Mortgage – Registration of mortgage of agricultural lands
    • Lease – Registration of lease of agricultural lands
    • Bankers Module for creation and closing of loan charges on agricultural lands by the Bankers.
    • Court Cases Module for intimation of court order/stay/injunction in respect of properties in Dharani by parties.
    • NRI Portal to facilitate NRIs to get pattadar passbooks for their lands by uploading details of passport/overseas citizenship details
    • Application for PPB of Semi urban land Application for pattadar passbooks for agricultural lands located in semi urban areas.
    • Application for duplicate pattadar passbook.
    • Erroneous inclusion in prohibited properties – application for grievances relating to inclusion of lands in prohibited properties list.
    • Application for pattadar passbooks by Institutions like Companies/Firms/ Societies /Trusts
    • Grievance on Specific Land Matters – Citizens register grievance to apply for some corrections relating to the land matters.
    • Slot Reschedule – Slot booking can be rescheduled.
    • Right to privacy – Citizen exercise right to privacy and his/her agricultural lands are not displayed in land details search.
    • Grievance relating to technical issues – Citizens registers grievance relating to technical issues.
    • Aadhaar seeding – Application for PPB where Aadhaar authentication not done.
    • Issue of PPB where citizen has not done the Aadhaar authentication.
    • Issue of PPB/NALA where Pattadar name is shown as “House/House site”
    • Court cases and intimation – Citizen can intimate any court stay/injection/restrain order for blocking transactions in Dharani. Similarly, vacation of such orders can be information for unblocking transactions

    Land Details Search

    Citizens can search details of agricultural lands.

    • Visit the Dharani portal (click here) and click on ‘Land Details Search’.
    • You will be redirected to a new page, where you can search land on the basis of survey number or passbook number.
    • Enter the requisite details, such as district, mandal, village, etc. Choose the khata number and survey number from the drop-down menu. Click on ‘Fetch’. The details will be displayed on your screen

    View market value

    Citizens can view market value of the land for stamp duty.

    • Visit the Dharani portal (click here) and click on ‘View Market Value of Lands’.
    • You will be redirected to a new page where you can select the district, mandal, village and survey number from the drop-down menu.
    • Enter the captcha and click on ‘Fetch’. The results will be displayed on your screen.

    Prohibited lands

    Citizen can search for prohibited lands by selecting district, mandal, village.

    • Visit the Dharani portal (click here) and click on ‘Prohibited Lands ’.
    • You will be redirected to a new page where you can select the district, mandal, village from the drop-down menu.
    • Enter the captcha and click on ‘Fetch’. The results will be displayed on your screen.

    Encumbrance details – EC details

    Provides details of encumbrance of particular land with Executant, Claimant, Document no, Year and Registration Ofce.

    • Visit the Dharani portal (click here) and click on ‘Encumbrance details’.
    • Select the district, mandal, village/city and survey number from the drop-down menu.
    • Click on ‘Fetch’. The results will be displayed on the screen.

    Dharani Portal – Register

    • Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button that appears on the homepage.
    • Enter personal details like name and mobile number to validate and register yourself. Select ‘Get OTP’ to verify the mobile number and sign up.
    • You will need to fill your profile and submit details such as email ID, address details like state, district, mandal, village/city, etc.

    Downloads – dharani portal telangana gov in

    Citizen can download G.O.Ms. No. 117,147, RoR Act, NALA Act, Fee Details, Procedure for conversion of land

    eChallan/Application status

    Provides information/status details of the eChallan/Application of the citizen.

    Registered document details

    Details of the registered documents.

    • Visit the Dharani portal (click here) and click on ‘Registered Document Details’.
    • Mention the document number or year, district and tahsildar.
    • Enter the captcha and click on ‘Fetch’. The results will be displayed on the screen.

    Cadastral maps

    Provides pictorial representation the survey number in a particular village.

    • Visit the Dharani Telangana portal. On the homepage, click on the option to view cadastral maps.
    • Enter the details such as district, division, mandal and village, to view the map.

    Dharani Portal NRI

    Non-resident Indians (NRIs) can use the Dharani portal for submitting applications for E-Property Passbook (EPPB) and for carrying out various land-related transactions. One can visit the home page of the Dharani website and click on ‘NRI portal’ option. Then, click on the given button specified to continue.

    Search Pahani and ROR-1B details in Telangana

    While the Telangana government has discontinued the Pahani and ROR-1B search on Dharani portal, the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration portal still offers these documents which could be searched using these steps:

    • Visit the CCLA Telangana Portal.
    • Select the district, division, mandal and village from the drop-down menu.
    • You can search Pahani using khata number or buyer/seller name or mutation date.
    • Enter the captcha and click on ‘Get Details’. The results will be displayed on your screen.
    • Users must login, to access the services. First-time users should sign up to proceed.

    Online dashboard

    Provides details of transactions like total applications received, approved, minimum time (in mins), maximum time (in mins) & median time (in mins).


    How can I check my land in Dharani?

    You can search your land on Dharani using survey number or passbook number.

    What is prohibited land in Telangana?

    Government lands such as barren, poramboke, Waqf and endowments are placed in the prohibitory register under Section 22-A of the Indian Registration Act.

    Can slots booked earlier be cancelled on the Dharani portal?

    Yes, citizens can apply for cancellation of the slots that have been booked earlier, by clicking on ‘cancellation of slot booked’ option on the home page of the Dharani Telangana website. dharani portal telangana gov in

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