How to Close Credit Card SBI in 2022

How to Close Credit Card SBI in 2022 – The State Bank of India (SBI) has millions of customers around the country. It also offers a good range of banking services due to its extensive reach. SBI credit cards, for example, are available in a variety of sorts depending on the needs of the client and are divided into Lifestyle, Reward, Shopping, Travel & Fuel, and Business sectors.

If you have an SBI credit card and want to cancel it, the easiest option is to phone the bank’s customer service line and request that the card be cancelled.

The customer support number for your SBI credit card may be found on the back of the card. To request cancellation, you will need to provide the necessary identifying information, such as your credit card number and date of birth. You could also contact the customer support department through SMS or email and request assistance with the cancellation. The bank’s website has all of the necessary contact information.

Although having a credit card has many advantages, you may want to know How to Close Credit Card SBI for a variety of reasons, including excessive spending, an increase in expenses, or not using it. So, if you have an SBI credit card and want to close it, you can do so using the online and offline methods listed below:

How to Close Credit Card SBI in 2022
How to Close Credit Card SBI in 2022

Closing SBI Credit Card Online – How to Close Credit Card SBI in 2022

You can close your SBI credit card online by sending an email from your net banking account to SBI’s official email address. You must log in to your internet banking account using your credentials and submit a credit card closure request. You will receive a unique interaction ID on your registered cell phone number after delivering the request for closure. Furthermore, the bank will contact you to inform you that your SBI credit card will be closed.

Closing SBI Credit Card Offline

  • Calling the Customer Care Number for Cancellation: To cancel your credit card, call SBI’s customer service hotline. For credit card cancellation, the bank has a toll-free number or a landline number that you can phone with the local STD code. You must supply the required information such as your name, card number, contact information, and address after calling the customer service department. Furthermore, if someone asks for your card’s CVV number or PIN, never give it out. The bank will contact you after successfully initiating the cancellation request and providing the cancellation details.
  • Writing a Cancellation Request to SBI: You can submit a cancellation request letter to the bank and send it to SBI Card, PO Bag 28, GPO, New Delhi 110001, instead of calling the bank’s customer service department. In the cancellation letter, include your name, card number, address, and contact information. Also, do not include any sensitive information in the letter, such as a PIN or CVV. When your account is cancelled, your card will be deactivated. In addition, the bank will provide you a written confirmation of the closure of your credit card. A word of caution: to prevent misuse, cut the card diagonally till it closes.
  • By Visiting the Nearest SBI Branch: You can close your SBI credit card by contacting a bank employee at the local SBI bank branch. Make sure you have all of the relevant documentation with you, as well as the SBI credit card you wish to close.

Considerable Factors Prior to Closing SBI Credit Card

  • Paying off the Dues: Before cancelling your credit card account, pay off all outstanding debts and EMIs according to the bank’s rules. The bank will also send you a letter informing you of the situation. The bank will initiate your credit card cancellation request once you have paid off all of your debts.
  • Redeeming the Reward Points: Check your credit card for unused reward points after you’ve paid off your outstanding debts and EMIs. Redeem these reward points within 45 days of cancelling the card for a variety of appealing products and offers from the bank’s catalogue.

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