Meebhoomi – Mee-bhoomi – Andhra Pradesh Land Records – 2021

Meebhoomi – Mee-bhoomi – 2021


MeeBhoomi, an official online land records’ portal was launched in 2015. This portal is Managed by the Revenue Department of Andhra Pradesh. The portal was launched with the aim of having a digital record of all land records in the state. it enables citizens to view land details digitally. The objective of this platform is to provide easy access to all buyers, sellers, and land owners in the state to all the land records.

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Table of Contents

    Meebhhomi Overview

    Portal NameMeebhoomi
    Initiated by The Government of Andhra Pradesh
    ObjectiveTo make land records publicly accessible 
    Official Website 
    Services providedAP 1B land records Land records
    Aadhaar Card linkages
    Electronic passbooks
    Crop types grew inlandAdangal
    Survey Survey number
    Patta Names Pattadar Passbook
    Statistics Mee Seva and Mee Bhoomi issue report AP FMB (field measurement book)
    Village landlords List

    Meebhoomi Portal

    The MeeBhoomi portal can be accessed through one of the following methods:

    • Visit the official MeeBhoomi website.
    • Download the official MeeBhoomi application that is available for Android smartphone users.

    Details that I can access through the Meebhoomi portal?

    The Meebhoomi portal provides a list of details in regard to a land within the geographical boundary of Andhra Pradesh. The details that a user will be able to access through this portal are listed below:

    • Details of the owner of the land
    • The area and assessment of the land
    • Liabilities in regard to the land (if any)
    • Source of water
    • Type of soil
    • Tenancy (if any)
    • Details of crop (if any)

    The portal also allows users to download the soft copies of the land information as well Record to Rights (ROR), which are also known as Adangal and 1-B, respectively.

    Meebhoomi Adangal

    ‘Adangal’ means land records in Telugu. It is maintained by the administrative authority of the village and generates complete details of a given piece of land, i.e. ownership titles, soil type, water, crops grown, nature of the earth, cultivable area, non-cultivable area, and more. You can access the ‘Adangal’ of any type of land in Andhra Pradesh by using the MeeBhoomi portal

    Step 1: Visit the official website of Meebhoomi portal.

    Step 2: From the top menu, click on the ‘Adangal’ option.

    Step 3: Choose between your Personal Adangal and Village Adangal from the drop-down box.


    Step 4: You will be redirected to a new webpage wherein you will be required to fill up the details in respect to your land (Such as District name, Village name, Zone name, Survey No. etc.)

    Step 5: Enter the Captcha code provided below the form and click on the ‘Submit’ button to gain access to your Adangal.

    ROR (Record of Rights) or Meebhoomi 1-B Record

    The 1-B Record is a document which contains the excerpts of the land record. The Department of Revenue of Andhra Pradesh is responsible for holding these records. Andhra Pradesh Record of Rights is an extract from the land records registers held by the Revenue Department of State Government. ROR 1B contains complete information regarding the land property and history of holders of land. This document is a crucial indicator of the legal status of a property.


    The 1-B Record or ROR enables you to get details pertinent to your land, such as account no., survey no., You can view and download the 1-B Record of a piece of land in Andhra Pradesh using the Meebhoomi portal (website or smartphone application). You will be required to follow the steps mentioned below to access the same:

    Steps to Access 1-B Records on MeeBhoomi

    Step 1: Visit the official MeeBhoomi website.

    Step 2: Click on ‘1-B’ on the given menu.

    Step 3:Click on ‘1-B’ from the drop-down box.

    Step 4:Once redirected, fill in your land details, such as village name, zone name, district name, survey no., etc.

    Step 5:Choose the name of the district.

    Step 6:Fill in the details with respect to the given land such as village name, zone name, survey name, and district name.

    Step 7:Solve the captcha code and click ‘Submit’. You can now access the 1-B Record.

    1. Visit the Mee-Bhoomi official website.
    2. On the menu, you will find ‘Aadhar/Other Identities’, under which you will find ‘Aadhar Linking’. Click on it.
    3. Enter your Aadhaar number followed by the name of your zone, account number, district and village name. Enter the code given in the box.
    4. Click on the ‘Click’ button.
    5. You will then get to know whether your Aadhaar map is linked or not.
    1. Visit the Mee-Bhoomi official website.
    2. On the menu, you will find ‘Aadhar/Other Identities’, under which click on ‘Based on mobile number linking/based on identity documents.’
    3. You will be directed to a new page where you will have to enter the name of your district, zone, and village. Enter your account number, followed by the code given in the box.
    4. Click on ‘Get Details’.
    5. The documents uploaded should be in pdf format and the photos in jpeg format.
    6. Enter the requested details such as date of birth, address, mobile number, selected document number, gender, and mobile number. An OTP will be generated on the given mobile number. Enter the same and click on ‘Submit’.

    Obtain an Electronic Passbook in Andhra Pradesh

    1. Visit the Mee-Bhoomi official website.
    2. On the menu, click on ‘Electronic pass book’.
    3. Enter the name of your district, zone, and village.
    4. Enter your account number followed by your mobile number. Enter the code given in the box and then click on ‘Click’.

    Check Land Conversion Details

    The lander conversion details can be viewed easily through the official MeeBhoomi website. To get your details, follow the listed steps:

    Step 1: Log in to the official MeeBhoomi website.

    Step 2: Click on ‘Land Conversion Details’ from the given menu.

    Step 3:Under the given fields, enter the details of your village, district, and zone.

    Step 4: Enter your survey number.

    Step 5: Click ‘Submit’ to view your land conversion details.

    Check your complaint status on MeeBhoomi

    1. Visit the MeeBhoomi official website.
    2. On the menu, under ‘Complaints’, click on ‘Your complaint status’.
    3. Enter the name of your district from the drop-down menu followed by the complaint number.
    4. Click on ‘Click’. You will be able to view the status of your complaint.

    Field Measuring Book on Meebhoomi (FMB)

    A collection of maps stored in a district office is the Meebhoomi field measurement book, which is used for recording the availability of land, borders and size of the package. Usually, these are hand drawings and not measuring. You can follow the following steps if you wish to reach Meebhoomi FMB and seek parcels of land available in the area.

    1. On the top menu in the Meebhoomi portal, click Meeboomi FMB.
    2. You’ll be taken to a new page where you can choose the district, zone, and village name out of a drop-down list.

    1. Enter the captcha after selecting the survey number from the menu. When you press the ‘Submit’ button, the results will appear on the screen.
    2. Visit the official Meebhoomi website. The department will make the necessary changes within 15 days. To seek a revision to your land record, go to the official website and follow the instructions.

    Download Meebhoomi App for Quick Access

    On the Google Play Store, you can find a number of mobile apps that can assist you with your land records on the Meebhoomi site. Users should be aware, however, that they are not official mobile applications and have no ties to the Andhra Pradesh government. Because all of these apps are built by private developers, users should be cautious about disclosing personal information on such platforms.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Can I check land conversion details on the MeeBhoomi portal?
      Yes, land conversion details can be checked on the MeeBhoomi portal.
    2. What details can be checked using the MeeBhoomi portal?
      Using the MeeBhoomi portal, you can check details such as details of the owner, the area and assessment of the land, source of water, soil type, crop details, liabilities and tenancy, if any.
    3. Can I carry out Aadhaar linking on the portal?
      Yes, Aadhaar linking can be carried out using the portal. All you need to do is visit the website, click on ‘Aadhaar/Other Identities’ and follow the process mentioned there.
    4. How to obtain electronic passbook in Andhra Pradesh?
      Electronic passbook can be obtained by clicking on ‘Electronic pass book’ option on the MeeBhoomi website and entering details like district, zone and village.
    5. What is ROR in land records in AP?
      Records of Rights is abbreviated as ROR. This process is used to obtain a ROR 1 B certificate, which contains all of a person’s land information belonging to a certain Village on a single certificate.
    6. What is Adangal?
      The Adangal is a record kept by the Village authorities that contains information about the land, its kind, and liabilities, among other things. The Village Count Number 3 is another name for it. This document, which specifies all land-related facts, can be used for the sale and purchase of property. Learn more about Adangal and how to check it online.

    MeeBhoomi Helpline

    In the case of a query or need for clarification, you can send a mail on [email protected]

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