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Revenue Assam – Dharitree portal is launched by Government of Assam . It is an online services for pakka land records for knowing our land status, and to compliant our land particulars. Dharitree is a Digital Platform for Maintenance of Revenue records, Instant Mutation in revenue records and Registration of Agricultural Land Transactions. Registrations of agricultural lands has been taken closer to the doorstep of the people.

Revenue Assam
Revenue Assam
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    ILRMS Assam | Integrated Land Records Management System

    The Integrated Land Records Management System or Dharitree Assam (Dharitri Assam) portal is an attempt by the Revenue and Disaster Management Departmen, state government. ILRMS integrate the details pertaining to land, such as transfer, registration of land, updating of land records such as mutation, partition, conversion and reclassification, and land revenue collection. And it is more commonly known as the Dharitree portal that facilitates smooth transfer and registration of land and property in Assam.

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    Dharitree portal | Dharitri Assam | Dharitree assam

    Dharitree portal is set up by the Revenue and Disaster Management Department of the Assam government. Dharitri Assam is similar to Dharitree assam. This official portal envisions making an attempt that ensures inter-connectivity among the revenue circle, sub-registrar, deputy commissioner’s offices and the directorate of land records. It is easier and simpler as the land owners in Assam can also use the Dharitree App on their mobile to get all the details of land records in Assam.



    • Online records of land, maintenance of land records, detailed information about Land owners.
    • Online services for NOC of Transfer of Immovable property, Land etc.
    • E Panjeeyan online registration of property.
    • Providing Online Bhunaksha , detailed maps etc.

    Search Land Record Online in Assam at

    Now, you can check the online land details in Assam Revenue official website

    After finding your land revenue, you can now verify that whether the land is in on your name and the history of the land who used the land before and its current state, quantity, the date of Jamabandi, etc. Ifthere is some issue with ownership you can check and take necessary steps while sitting at home.

    • Search Jamabandi in Assam Land Records by Pattadar
    • Jamabandi Assam: Search Land Record by Dag Number
    • Search Jamabandi Assam By Patta Number |

    Search Jamabandi in Assam Land Records by Pattadar

    • To know your land Jamabandi in Assam, First of all, you have to visit the official website Then their homepage will appear on your screen.
    • Click on Dhar
    • Select District, Circle and Village/ Town
    • Now click on Search by Pattadar Name tab
    • Type Captcha and Pattadar Name

    Display Jamabandi by a Pattadar Name

    • Click on Alternate online land record search portal using Pattadar – Click
    • There you will have to choose your own district. Kindly select your district name correctly.
    • Now again a new page will open on your screen, then there you will have select four things.
    • You have to select your respective Mohukoma.
    • Select your Chokro.
    • Choose your Mouza which is optional.
    • You have to choose your gaon/village or city.
    • type the name of the person whose Land Jamabandi you want to see.
    • Now your Land Jamabandi is ready in front of your screen.
    • You can take out the print out copy of your Land Jamabandi if you need.
    • That’s it; your land records will appear on your screen

    Jamabandi Assam: Search Land Record by Dag Number

    • Go to the official Revenue Assam website here.
    • Now you firstly need to select your “District”.
    • Once you select district, choose the “Circle”.
    • After that, you need to select your Village or Town from the list.
    • Now, in the new page, three tabs will be available.
    • Click on the “Select by Dag Number” or it may be already selected by default.
    • Then enter the Captcha code and enter the Dag number.
    • Click on the “Search” button, you can also see Jamabandi by clicking on the next option.
    • Finally, you can now see Jamabandi copy online for any land or property.

    Search Jamabandi Assam By Patta Number

    • Go to the Revenue Assam site here.
    • Again select your District, Circle and Village or Town.
    • From the new page, click on the tab that says “Search By Patta Number”.
    • Enter the Captcha code.
    • Enter the Patta Number and click on the “Search” button.
    • To see the details, make sure the “See Jamabandi” button is pressed too.
    • Finally, you will see the land record for a particular land by Patta number.

    Dharitree – Assam Land Record | Dharitree Android application

    Fastest and easy way to find the Dharitree Assam land records and other land information of Assam.
    The Government of Assam has launched the portal Through the Assam Portal, the citizens of Assam can search their land records like Jamabandi, land records, etc. This app has some other features like Dharitree Assam land records, Panjeeyan Property Registration, NOC No Objection Certificate

    Frequently asked question

    What is dag number in Assam?

    Land parcels in Assam have also been allocated a unique identity number known as dag number. Land records in Assam can be searched using this dag number. This unique land identity number is known as khasra in northern states.

    Who is a pattadar in Assam?

    Land Owner – People who have land ownership certificates are known as pattadars in Assam.

    What is patta number in Assam?

    The patta number is a legal identity proving land ownership. When the rights of a land are transferred by the owner to another person for a specific period though a lease, a patta document is used, to formalise the process.

    How to get land records in Assam offline?

    If the name of the village does not appear in the list provided on the Dharitree portal, you have to contact your circle office, to get the land records. To get a physical copy of land records or Bhulekh in Assam, visit the circle office and submit an application for the same.

    What if your land information is not available on Dharitri Assam portal?

    In case you are not able to find your land records on the Dharitri portal, you have to visit to the circle office to find out the information.   This is because there there are several villages for which no cadastral map is available. A cadastral map is one that shows aerial topography of a location along with certain customization as per the given specifics like survey number, dag number or khata number.

    How can I know the nearest circle office in Assam?

    Visit Under the ‘How do I’ head, click on ‘Know my Circle Office’.

    What is bhunaksha?

    The cadastral map of land in rural areas is known as bhunaksha.

    Contact Information For Assam Land Record 
    Additional chief secretary, Government of Assam, Revenue & Disaster Management Department, CM’s Block, 2nd Floor.
    Revenue and DM Department-related queries
    CM Block, 3rd Floor, Assam Secretariat (Civil), Dispur, Guwahati-781006.
    Relief and rehabilitation-related queries
    Assam Secretariat, Block-E, Ground Floor, Dispur, Guwahati-781006.
    Allotment or settlement of land-related queries
    Assam Secretariat, Block-E, Ground Floor, Dispur, Guwahati-781006.
    Land registration-related queries
    Assam Secretariat, Block-E, Ground Floor, Dispur, Guwahati-781006.
    Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILRMP), RTI Matters

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