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YSR Pension Kanuka - 2021 Apply, Status
YSR Pension Kanuka – 2021 Apply, Status

YSR Pension Kanuka – The government of Andhra Pradesh announced YSR Pension Kanuka as part of the welfare measure to ameliorate the hardships of the poor and vulnerable sections of the society particularly the old and infirm, widows, and persons with disability to secure a dignified life..

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    YSR Pension Kanuka

    Under the YSR Pension plan, the people of Andhra Pradesh can be benefited in various categories. There are nearly 12 different categorizations that are established for the welfare of the people. About

    61 lakh people of the state are benefited from this scheme. The main aim of this scheme is to provide

    financial assistance to the needy people of the state.

    Types of Pensions Covered

    • Old Age Pension
    • Weavers Pension
    • Widow Pension
    • Disabled Pension
    • Toddy Tappers
    • ART Pension
    • Transgender Pension
    • Fisherman Pension
    • Single Women Pension
    • CKDU Pension
    • Traditional Cobblers Pension
    • Dappu Artists Pension
    YSR Pension Kanuka Status

    Sanction Authority

    Rural – The MPDO is the sanctioning authority for all pensions, in favour of eligible persons.
    Urban – The Municipal Commissioner is the sanctioning authority in respect of all pensions, in favour of eligible persons.

    Monthly Contribution

    The YSR Pension scheme is purely established to provide financial support to the people in need. The beneficiaries of this scheme do not need to contribute to the scheme. Following the eligibility criteria when the scheme is applied, the government will provide the pension amount.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • The proposed beneficiary shall be from BPL family holding white ration card.
    • He/she shall be a local resident of the district.
    • He/she are not covered under any other Pension Scheme.

    Old Age Pension

    • Old age persons, both male and female, who are 60 years of age or above and are destitute (with little or no means of subsistence and no family or relative to depend upon).

    Weavers Pension

    • Weaver is 50 years of age or above and destitute.

    Widow Pension

    • As per the Marriage Act 18 years and above.

    Disabled Pension

    • Disabled persons having a minimum of 40% disability and No age limit.

    Toddy Toppers Pension

    • 50 years and above. Members of Toddy Co-operative Societies (TCS) or to an individual tapper under the Tree For Tappers (TFT) scheme and who have completed 50 years of age as on 1.2.2009.

    ART Pension

    • No age limit. 6 months continuous treatment on ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy).

    CKDU Pension

    • No age limit.Patients under going Continuous Kidney Dialysis(Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown etiology).

    Transgender Pension

    • Transgender is 18 years of age or above.

    Fisherman Pension

    • Fisherman is 50 years of age or above.

    Single Women Pension

    • Married women who are separated / deserted shall have above 35 years of age and the separation period shall be more than 1 year as on date of sanction of pension.
    • Unmarried women who are having 30 years and above of age in Rural and for Urban 35 years and above of age and no support of the family.

    Traditional Cobblers Pension

    • Traditional Cobblers is above 40 years of age.

    Dappu Artists Pension

    • Dappu Artists is above 50 years of age.

    Pension Amount

    • The benefit under each pension for OAP, Single Women, Weavers, Widow, Fisherman, Toddy Tappers, PLHIV (ART Pensions), Traditional Cobblers will be Rs.2250/- per month and for Disabled, Transgender, Dappu Artists pensions will be Rs.3000/- per month.CKDU pensions will be Rs.10000/- per month.

    Benefits of YSR Pension Kanuka

    The benefits of the YSR pension scheme cover various categories of people.

    • Old Age Pension: The beneficiary of this scheme will receive a pension amount of Rs.2250.
    • Weavers’ Pension: Using this scheme, the government aims to uplift the life of weavers. The beneficiary of the weaver pension scheme under YSR Pension Kanuka will receive a pension amount of Rs.2250.
    • Disabled Pension: This scheme is specially designed to provide hands for persons with disabilities. Under the YSR Pension Kanuka Status, this scheme’s beneficiary will receive Rs.3000 as their pension amount, which will help them.
    • Toddy Toppers Pension: Under this scheme, the beneficiary will receive a pension amount of Rs.2250, which can be used to lead their lives.
    • ART Pension: The government provides Rs.2250 as the pension amount for the persons undergoing Anti-retroviral therapy.
    • CKDU Pension: According to the YSR Pension Status, the beneficiary will receive a pension amount of Rs.10,000 every month. This amount will be useful for their treatment and to continue the dialysis process. Many patients are benefited from this scheme.
    • Transgender Pension: The government aims to give a better life to all its citizens. With the YSR Pension Status, the transgender beneficiary can avail of a pension amount of Rs.3000 each month.
    • Fishermen Pension: With the YSR Pension Kanuka Status, the beneficiary can receive a pension amount of Rs. 2250 every month.
    • Single Women Pension: The applicant of this scheme will receive a pension amount of Rs. 2250.
    • Traditional Cobblers’ Pension: The government is providing Rs.2250 according to the YSR Pension Status.
    • Dappu Artist Pension: The Dappu artists registered under this scheme will receive a pension amount of Rs.3000 every month.

    Application Process

    Step 1: Visit the official website of the YSR Pension Kanuka scheme.

    Step 2: Select the download option which is available on the home page.

    Step 3: Now select YSR Pension Kanuka.

    Step 4: Once the option is selected, the application forms for various schemes under this plan will be displayed.

    Step 5: Download the form for which the applicant needs to apply and ensure that the eligibility criteria are met.

    Step 6: Take a printout of the form and fill in all the details required.

    Step 7: Attach the documents required and submit the application to the Gram Panchayat office.

    Step 8: When the application has been successfully submitted, the following steps will be undergone by the authorities concerned to verify the application’s status.

    • All the applications that lie according to the YSR Pension Kanuka status will be submitted to the Gram Panchayat office or the government offices.
    • Then, the application will be forwarded for the next level of approval and inspection to the Gram Sabha.
    • Once the Gram Sabha has verified and approved, the application forms will then be forwarded to the next stage to the MPO authorities concerned.
    • The verification will be completed in the MPO office or at the municipal office.
    • Once the verification is completed successfully under the YSR Pension status, the pension amount will be handed over to the government office or the Gram Panchayat, where the application has been submitted.
    • The pension amount will be given to the beneficiaries directly from the government office or the Gram Panchayat office.

    YSR Pension Kanuka Login

    YSR Pension Kanuka Login
    YSR Pension Kanuka Login

    YSR Pension Kanuka Status

    YSR Pension Kanuka Status
    YSR Pension Kanuka Status

    Step 1 – Visit – sspensions.ap.gov.in

    Step 2 – On Home Page Click on Search button.

    Step 3 – fill Necessary details like pension ID or Ration card id and other required field.

    Step 4 – Select District, Mandal, Panchayat, Habitation.

    Step 5 – Hit the button Go.

    YSR Pension Kanuka APO’S Details

    S.NoDistrictNameMobile NumberEmailDesignation
    1SrikakulamB.V.V.S.Dora8008803803[email protected]APO
    2VizianagaramVDR Prasad8008201477[email protected]APO
    3VisakhapatnamB.Ramesh9866074014[email protected]APO
    4East GodavariN.S. Someswara Rao9949093927[email protected]APO
    5West GodavariC V Appa Rao9866656726[email protected]APO
    6KrishnaB.S. Prasad9849983857[email protected]APO
    7GunturNRK Prasad8632355027[email protected]APO
    8PrakasamG.V.Prasad7997952604[email protected]APO
    9NelloreM V N Somayajulu7997701555[email protected]APO
    10ChittoorK.Ravikumar9390504561[email protected]APO
    11YSR KadapaCh S Subramanyam9849900974[email protected]APO
    12AnantapurK. Nazeer Ahammad9000994591[email protected]APO
    13KurnoolSA Shariff9866550955[email protected]APO
    YSR Pension Kanuka APO’S Details

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